ICB Faculty Meeting of 2017 Spring Semester

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The new semester Faculty Meeting of International College Beijing was held aiming to strengthen the communication between chinese and foreign faculties and all departments of the college, enhance mutual understanding, unity and cooperation, and work together to promote the development of the College, on March 3, 2017, in Bedfordshire hall of ICB, .


For a start, all program departments introduced the development and present state of their programs. Chinese and foreign faculty made a self-introduction in turn. College management board and the administration departments introduced the functions and personnel structure of all departments.


Dean Prof. Huang Guanhua delivered a speech subsequently. He presented the development of Sino-foreign educational cooperation and achievements our college obtained in 2016, starting with the basic introduction of China Agricultural University. At the same time, he also indicated emphatically that foreign faculty should abide by the relevant laws and regulations, to understand the cultural differences between china and foreign countries, to provide students with quality teaching. Dean Huang introduced the new college security system and updated cleaning system and welcomed everyone to give advices and suggestions for college development. On behalf of college management board, Dean Huang expressed gratitude to all the Chinese and foreign faculty for their contributions to the development of the college.


The faculty meeting was hosted by ICB Deputy Dean Prof. Wang Xiaoyan. Dean Prof. Huang Guanhua, ICB Chairwoman Ms. Sui Yi, Deputy Dean Prof. Xu Tingwu, College Assistant Dean Mr. Yang Zihua, all college staffs from administration departments, Chinese and foreign faculties and international students more than fifty attended the meeting.


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